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Georgia Lee's writing has appeared in numerous national and local publications, literary magazines, blogs and anthologies. She teaches “In Your Own Words: Writing Memoir” at OLLI, a continuing education division of Emory University, coaches individual clients, and teaches group workshops. Georgia Lee is the former Vice President of community outreach at the Atlanta Writers Club.

Winner – Atrium Award for Business Reporting from UGA’s journalism school

DIVA Award for journalism from Atlanta Apparel Mart and Finalist, Glimmer Train’s New Writers 2012.

Director, Ivy Hall, SCAD Atlanta Writing Center2009 through April 2014.

Southeast Bureau Chief, Women’s Wear Daily and W magazine 1987-2009.

  • Atrium Award for Business Reporting by UGA’s School of Journalism.
  • DIVA Award, journalism by Atlanta Apparel Mart
  • Finalist: Glimmer Train’s 2012 New Writers contest.

Coming Soon: Dark Innocence

Coming Soon - Dark Innocence by Georgia Lee

In Briarwood, an Alabama plantation fallen to ruin by the 1960s, nothing is as is seems. Parents and children; blacks and whites; saints and sinners, even the living and dead are shifting mysteries to Charlotte Steele. Haunted by tragedy as a girl, threatened by religious and political conflicts as a teenager, she is redeemed as young woman by revelations of long-buried family secrets and lies.

Consumed with guilt over her role in the deaths of two baby brothers, Charlotte loses Eleanor, her beloved mother to a shady preacher/con man who “heals” her from near death. With real or imagined “amnesia,” Eleanor denies her family, wanting only Albert, her Down’s Syndrome son. Both are consumed by The Chosen Christian Identity church, a thinly disguised front for the KKK. Charlotte, motherless is forced to reconcile her strained relationship with her father. She clings to Rose, the black family caretaker who helped raise her. Rose’s son Coker, Charlotte’s childhood friend joins civil rights activists, secretly taking Charlotte with him. After a shooting divides them, all, Charlotte and Coker’s friendship deepens to affection. Under suspicion of incest, they unearth buried secrets that allows her to pursue a love with Coker, though illegal, forbidden and dangerous in the world around them.

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Coming Soon: Beyond Words - Writing our True Stories

Coming Soon - Beyond Words - Writing our True Stories by Georgia Lee

You should write a book! Heard that before? Do you have a burning desire, or a buried secret that needs to be told? If not now when?

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. The time to start is NOW.” - Goethe
I teach Writing our True Stories in classes at the OLLI division of Emory University; to group workshops and private clients. Writing your personal story is daunting and scary, but rewarding. Some students fear writing more than death or even public speaking! One insisted on sharing his work with one printed copy, to be read only by me, then immediately shredded after class. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, we must feel the fear and do it anyway. 
Writing our stories are like writing novels or screenplays, not journals. It’s not all about you. Develop other characters. Use dialogue. Avoid cliches, adverbs throw-away words, such as "very, really, quite, probably, on and on ad nauseam.  Use details, specifics.. Write from your senses, not your head. Make us SEE what is happening as if we’re watching a movie. Create scenes. You (the protagonist) should change or learn over the story. Setting, your house, town, city or country can become a character on its own. Make us see it. 
You may want to publish your memoir. Opportunities abound. From big publishing houses, small presses, university presses, Amazon and myriad self-publishing avenues are growing. Self-publish for family, future generations and friends creates a piece of immortality. Who doesn’t want that? 

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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius , power and magic in it. The time to start is NOW.” - Goethe

Georgia Lee's personal blog, https://georgialeesays.wordpress.com/ was nominated by Word Press for the “most versatile blogger” award. Twitter has listed her under “Great Writers”, “Must-Read Writers”, “Writers We Admire”, and “Popular Women.” Currently she is at work on Dark Innocence, a novel, and More Than Words: Writing, Memory and the Creative Spirit

Georgia Lee blogs about her writing as well. You can follow her process and get sneak peaks behind the scene of the writers mind on her writers blog.

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March 18, 2014

At the tender age of seven, my daughter, Savannah, fell in love with an Elf.

Creamy complexion, blonde tresses, spiked ears – Legolas, (Orlando Bloom) of “Lord of the Rings,” launched a lifelong fantasy.

As Orlando Bloomed from Tolkein sprite to strapping male specimen, Savannah, blossomed into teenaged beauty and her obsession deepened. Her Room of Bloom, movie marathons and her unrequited tweets of  “Be Mine,” – were soon to be rewarded in Tolkein-esque spades.