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The Young Writer ponders her future meteoric rise to fame.
After a career of demanding high-profile positions in journalism and academia, I am free to live life on my terms. Writing, photography, dance, music and theater were beloved pursuits before work and raising children consumed me. I want to return fully to the flow and transcendence of a creative life. Be advised, cooking is not for me. I use my oven for storage and can barely operate a microwave, so recipes and photos of my yummy concoctions will not appear. Perhaps a Steak N Shake cheeseburger with milkshake?

Georgia is great at fostering, bringing unflagging enthusiasm and energy to all her efforts on behalf of writers and readers. She is a brilliant public speaker, authentic and funny. She has a cool eye and sharp wit that inform every piece of her writing, and is generous with her time and talents. Georgia goes beyond the extra mile for her clients.

Kimberly Brock, Georgia Author of the Year, The River Witch, founder, Tinderbox Writing Community via LinkedIN

I am grateful to have worked for Women’s Wear Daily, an esteemed New York publication, where I learned that “dreams, passions and bliss” are pipe dreams, without high standards, great effort and perseverance. Yet overworking without feeling for what we do, a job that leaves us exhausted, with no time for things and people we love is soul-crushing.

I have read over 1,000 books, noting and rating each one in hundreds of diaries. My beloved parents were educators who instilled a lifelong love of learning, writing and wildly inventive humor in me. As an only child, reading made me know that I was not alone. As I became more discriminating, reading the best of the best authors taught me to write. And still, always, to know that I’m not alone.

Writing is damned hard and maddening. I’ve met the best of the best writers and been comforted to know that they too struggle. As Dorothy Parker said. “I do not like writing, but I like having written.” The hardest part is sitting down and beginning.

I write about what haunts me, what I can’t stop thinking about. Illness, vacations, car wrecks, figure skating, abandonment. Humor has underlying pathos, while light and resilience make tragedy bearable. Giving words to our deepest wounds lessens their sting. Writing disinfects our repressed traumas and can allow healing to begin.

Georgia Lee is a gifted writer and superb teacher! She is wise, conscientious and patient. This is the best course I’ve taken at OLLI or anywhere else!

Barbara Kimmel

I am among the 70 percent (according to a 2011 Harvard study) of writers with mood issues. I’ve learned to embrace it, as again I’m not alone.

I resort to quotes and song lyrics to express truth beyond my capability. Emerson: “My moods don’t believe in each other,” and “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Oh, to have the indefatigable spirit of Walt Whitman: “So I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”

My final quote, and best advice to myself and any writer, artist, musician, designer or mathematician is simple, profound and greets me at my writing desk.

“Never, never never give up.” ~ Winston Churchill

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